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Praise for her role in CARMEN

"In such a production, the title role of Carmen must be hot-tempered and passionate. Carrie Dimaculangan is a seductive, sensual Gypsy, who lets herself be bonded, bats her lashes at her sergeant Don José and smiles as she flirts seductively with her mouth. She has a beguiling voice and sings with fire the Habanera, plays the role of coquette well as a women between two rivaling men.  ."
                               - Die Oberbädische Zeitung

"Carrie Dimaculangan is a sensual, temperamental Carmen....without kitsch. The entire production works because of the vocal prowess of the ensemble. Mezzo-soprano, Carrie Dimaculangan, in the title role, leaves no wish unfulfilled with her singing. The "Habanera" proves that you don't need an entire orchestra to fill hall."
                                  - Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

Praise for her role as Billie Holiday in the Opernwerkstatt am Rhein performance of THE BILLIE HOLIDAY STORY
"Strong, yet fragile. The audience enjoyed several encores at the Kunstsalon, which were performed with obvious enthusiasm.  The entire Billie Holiday Story was impressively performed by Carrie Dimaculangan. She was able to move the audience with her strong emotional expression."
                                 - Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Praise for her role as  Despina in COSI FAN TUTTE
"Carrie Dimaculangan was a funny and amusing Despina, especially sexy as a Red Cross nurse assisting the poor gentlemen in the finale of act 1."
                                 - Kulturkompasset Critics of Culture Events, Norway

Praise for her performance as the lead in the Opernwerkstatt's childrens opera, MOZARTS ZAUBERKISTE

"The central identifying figure on stage is the lovable Elf, Aubergina, performed with so much wit and playfulness by Carrie Dimaculangan, that she won the hearts and minds of the audience almost instantly. On top of that, with her wonderful mezzo-soprano coloured voice, the funny Aubergina was also able to show the pain of love as Dorabella.
                                 - Main Echo Online

Praise for concert performances
"Above the contrasting music dominated the earthy and yet angelic voice of the soloist, Carrie Dimaculangan. The "South American" timbre of the expressive Canadian from Cologne gave one goosebumps as her voice carried over the tango rhythms (Misa Tango by Palmeri). Her rich, warm voice, which demonstrated all the colours of the palette between alto and soprano, proved full and powerful during the energetic 'Gloria'. while being lyrical and full of emotion till the end of the mass's 'Agnus Dei'."
                                               - Südthüringer Zeitung

"Outstanding once again was Carrie Dimaculangan, whose voice timbre was able to embody the sensual curves of the 1939 composed song cycle by Poulence (1899-1963), Fiancailles pour Rires after poetry by Louise de Vilmorin. Not only that, but the defiant piece Il vole demonstrated that her faultless technique could also overcome the mose difficult of chromatic passages. "
                                             - Der Tonkunst Online Magazine
"Carrie Dimaculangan demonstrated her ability to make quick colour changes with much dramatic diversity. She sang Grieg with great sensitivity."
                                             - Lübecker Nachrichten

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